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Google favors content with EAT. That’s “expertise, authority, and trust.” We can beef up your EAT in two ways: Our financial surveys have been cited by thousands of publications, and you can use our datasets on medical bills, credit card balances, and spending habits. Our financial experts have been quoted in national publications and by major networks. Interview chairman and CPA Howard Dvorkin (a two-time author) and president Don Silvestri (who starred in the NFL and counsels current and former players).

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FinTok Awards: Is 2024 Your Year to Win?

In 2023, launched the first-ever FinTok Awards, honoring the best financial educators on TikTok – a social platform better known for dancing than saving. This unique awards program is a hybrid of a traditional competition and a People’s Choice award. qualifies entrants, then lets viewers vote for the winners. TikTok has been called the Wild West of social media platforms, so the team shortlisted 5 nominees in each category – then widely promoted the winners. See the categories and to nominate yourself or someone else.

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Meet the Easiest Affiliate Program Ever

Being an affiliate shouldn’t be a frustrating chore. We make it a profitable pleasure. Our affiliate programs are simple yet detailed. Automatic yet personalized. has worked with bloggers, influencers, and financial planners of all sizes for 10 years, We’ve perfected a system few can match. Monetize your traffic with our widgets and tools and share in the success of your audience’s debt-free journey. If you’ve endured over-promising and under-reporting, let us show you how easy it can be.

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Promote Your Brand – and Your Expertise

Every week, collaborates with financial experts and interviews them for stories we are working on. In most instances, we can offer linkbacks and referral traffic from our site, which is overseen by an experienced team of SEO veterans. We also confer with a group of financial experts who answer our readers’ personal questions and further establish themselves as go-to specialists in their fields. Want to join them? We make the process easy to fit into your workflow.

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1. Referral: Refer customers who owe $5,000 or more in credit card debt

2. Consultation: Customers receive a free analysis to find the best debt solution.

3. Revenue: Receive revenue for each enrollee who makes their first program payment.

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